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Our production site

Located in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône vineyards, in Cairanne in the Vaucluse, we put our industrial expertise at the service of your needs by offering technical and sustainable solutions in an eco-responsible approach.

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The factory is equipped with a photovoltaic power plant which produces our annual energy requirement.


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We are committed to the environment:

- By using vegetable-based profiling oils = no soil pollution.
- By implementing selective sorting (wood, plastics, steel, etc.)
- By reprocessing all our water and waste oil with a specialised company.
- By selecting high-performance galvanisation coatings to preserve the planet's zinc reserves. We favour the use of continuous hot-dip galvanisation with Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium (ZAM) which requires 3 to 4 times less natural resources for equivalent lifetimes.
- By favouring short circuits for our supplies.
- By guaranteeing a European origin of our raw materials that respect the environmental standards in force.

Steel, including galvanised steel
can be recycled to 100% and beyond!

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Our production site :

- Located in Cairanne in the Vaucluse On 20,000m² of land, of which 5,000m² is covered, we have a large storage capacity.
- Our strategic location is close to major motorways and a commercial port for exports.
- The site is equipped with 5 profiling lines capable of transforming steels from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm thick.
- 3 of our machines can perform up to 23 forming operations continuously.

Photo de la chaîne de production des piquets Julien à Cairanne.
Photo de la chaîne de production des piquets Julien à Cairanne..
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The Cairanne site has a precision engineering workshop equipped with high-performance machines for the design of profiling tools:
- CNC lathe and milling machine
- Electro erosion
- Grinding machine
- Keyboarding machine
- Conventional towers with CHEM
Our research and development team is the source of many patents. It is ready to study your projects.
Our site also holds NF CSTB approval for the manufacture of metal frames for the building trade.
They have trusted us for many years to develop and manufacture their products:

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