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L'ARBOPIC is a steel post ready to use as an alternative to traditional wooden or concrete posts. Octagonal in shape, resistant and slightIt is easy to plant. 

Photo d'un verger rempli d'arbres fruitiers en fleur.


- Steel S 250 GD, high-strength steel for steel construction.
- Metal thickness: 1.5 mm 1.8 mm and 2 mm .
- 70 mm closed octagonal shape.
- All ARBOPIC® posts are equally strong. (This is not the case with pine posts. Crowns of knots, irregularities... ).

- ZAM 300 galvanisation, (Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium). This galvanisation is 3 to 4 times more resistant to corrosion than galvanisation 100% Zn (Zinc).
- The lifespan of ARBOPIC® stakes makes it possible to consider two orchard rotations.

- Equipped with linguetsThey allow you to receive the wires quickly and easily. No need to measure and mark the location of the wires.
- Position and number of rods (in groups of three) can be adapted on request.
- Winged plug for sealing by simple pressure.
- Cap with screws for laying cables (longitudinal and/or transverse).
- Anti-sinkage plates if required.
- Possible installation of plant training structures.

- The robustness of ARBOPIC® posts allows deep planting with little effort.
- Planting by pressure with a mechanical shovel in soils with little or no gravel.
- Planting by percussion or vibrationwith a hydraulic planter.
- The use of a martyr is not necessary except for a sledgehammer, which should be used with care.
Planting depth 0.80 m for posts up to 3.50 m. 1 m for poles of 4 m and more.
If the terrain does not allow it, make a front hole or reduce the distance between the poles
Spacing between posts Respect the recommended distances according to the height, the type of orchard, the presence or absence of "anti-hail" nets, the climatic conditions (wind, relief, etc.)
- The wires are placed on the lugs and closed with a hammer.

Tilt the head post by 10 to 20° from the vertical (20° corresponds to 40 cm horizontally at 1.00 m from the ground).

- The distance from the mooring line at the foot of the post must be at least 80 % of the height above ground of the trellis limited to 2.50 m.

- Install at least 2 slings. The top sling must be fixed 50 cm + or - 10 cm from the top of the post, and the bottom sling halfway between the top sling and the ground.

- To secure the slings to the head post, we recommend that you do not use the slings, but instead use a Ø10 mm concrete iron about 20 cm long, which you pass through the post after opening the slings downwards.


ReusableIf you have the time, they can be used for another orchard or for another purpose.
– 100% recyclable at the end of their life. They can be resold in the recycling sector (high residual value +/-15%).
- Some savings the installation of ARBOPIC® posts and wires:

o The lightness makes handling easier (4 Kg/m or 18 Kg for 1 post of 4.50 m, 1 person is enough to carry, set up and maintain a post vertically. Under normal conditions, 3 people can plant up to 80 posts per hour).

o Wire ties considerably reduce the time needed to lay wires, as they indicate the position of the wires without measuring. No more spikes to plant. No more maintenance work.

The appearance and the matt grey colour of the ZAM galvanisation, fit in very well with the orchards.

- The flat sides of the octagonal shape of the ARBOPIC® posts allow for easy and efficient fixing of various accessories. (Watering systems, trellising structures, etc.)

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