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Profiled galvanized steel poles for trellising


Our advices

Choosing the steel

Poles of profiled steel are made mainly from two types of steel

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Choosing the type of galvanization

Z275 continuous hot sheet galvanization is suitable for soil with a pH between 6.5 and 8.5

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Choosing the shape

Poles are subjected to two main types of stress

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Choosing hooks or notches

They determine the quality of the linkup between the pole and the support wires

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Did you know ?

Length of the rows

The length of the rows has very little influence on the stress to which anchor points are subjected.

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Ground holding solidity

The solidity of the way poles are held in the ground (whether profiled steel, angle iron or T section) depends more on the depth of penetration into the ground than on the size of the pole section.

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Gaps between poles

The most suitable gap is 5 m. If the gaps between poles are wider, the trellising will age faster. When the gap is wider, the poles and wires will be subjected to more stress.

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Sandy ground

In sandy soil, the poles will hold better than in clayey soil.

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Inclined poles

An inclined pole indicates that it has not been sufficiently driven into the ground.

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Types of steel

More than 60% of the steel used in the world comes from recycling

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Types of galvanization

CONTINOUS galvanization or HOT-DIP galvanization

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Oxidation of the edges

On poles that have been treated by hot continuous sheet galvanization, the rust that appears on the edges will not migrate under the zinc.

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Pole solidity

In order to increase the solidity of wooden or concrete poles, it is necessary to increase the section size. With a pole made of profiled steel, all that is needed is thicker metal.

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Our latest news

SITEVI à Montpellier
22 January 2018
SIVAL in Anger

The Julien Company was present at the expo in order to promote the Arbopic system


More than 30 years ago, as a wine producer near Cairanne in the Vaucluse, I launched into the design and manufacturing of metal poles for vineyard trellising. At first, I used tubular poles, then angle iron poles, and today, I use profiled steel. We have now developed a complete range of poles that are particularly innovative and functional.

Our knowledge and experience have turned our range into a quality standard on the trellising market. We have outlets throughout all of France, and have also set up in a number of European countries and further afield in other parts of the world.

We are based in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône vineyards. We would be delighted to provide you with our skills and service.

Patrick Julien